Daniel Quinn

All the words you have been hearing are the voices of many that echo the same thing about our KUMU LEI…Mahalo Uncle Daniel for taking time to share. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0bGVWQodNk

“He believed in me, when I didn’t believe in myself…”

I hope you find a few minutes to watch and listen to this video about Kumu Lei, one of the most renowned hula dance teachers in the world. I met her on one of my trips to Hawaii, and she is truly an enlightened spiritual being; a person filled with love and joy and passion for the world and her work.

In 1983, we were blessed to restore Ka’Ahumanu Congregational Church, the oldest church on the island of Maui. During our project, the church celebrated its 150th anniversary, at the same time Hawaii celebrated its 25th anniversary as the 50th, and last state to join the union. The Skyline crew were guests of honor at the official luau, held in the ancient traditions of the islands, and included the hula dance. Beyond spiritual, the performance was mystical. No words were necessary to feel the expressions of love, hope and inspiration from the rhythmic movements of the body, in perfect harmony with drums made from koa logs, as in generations past.
Two years later, my (then) wife and I returned to Maui and to Ka’Ahumanu Congregational Church to have our infant daughter, Taylor Quinn christened in the ancient ways of the islands. In a beautiful and sacred ceremony, Taylor was blessed by the Kapu of the church, Esther Campbell, who was then 80 years old and remained a wonderful friend until her death. After holding Taylor in her arms, Esther lifted her up toward the sky and then to the four directions of the wind, the Makani, praying silently. She then looked into Taylor’s smiling eyes and gave her the Hawaiian name, “Hau’oli” which means “Happiness.” One only has to look into Taylor’s daughter’s eyes, Chloe Quinn Verge, to see the spiritual continuation of our child’s “Happiness.”

I share this for my daughter, Taylor and grand daughter, Chloe, of course. I also share it for “dancers of life”, Janice Guinard Amburgey and Stephanie Pandiscio; Wendy Reese, Suzanne Lacey, Kimberly Ann Quinn, Jo Yeager, Radha Sharon Wikinson, Rebecca Rose Tousignant. Micah Thompson…and YOU.

Finally, in case you were wondering…”I” will always believe in “you”…even when you don’t believe in yourself. We all need a person like this in our life.

Sommer Dove Levendis, Kaua`i, HAWAI`I — 5 stars

My 7 year old daughter has been under Kumu Lei’s instruction for a little over a year. Kumu Lei’s love for hula and the culture of Hawai’i is so evident. My daughter looks forward to hula every week and is not only learning to dance hula but she is learning of the history of old Hawai’i and chants and olis from long ago. These things are invaluable to us and cannot be taught by just anyone. Kumu Lei has patience, but requires each girl to be responsible and respectful as well, to be ohana, family. I look forward to continuing to watch my daughter’s growth in hula over the next few years.

Salvador Patti Ochoa, Kilauea, HAWAI`I, USA — 5 stars

My Daughter has been dancing with Kumu Lei since she was 8 and is now 16 she has had so many wonderful experiences. Kumu Lei not only teaches hula but the culture behind the dance, so her students know what story they are telling through their dance. We strongly recommend anyone to participate in any of Kumu Lei’s classes you will have an amazing experience.
-The Ochoa Family

Yumiko Louca, Kaua`i, HAWAI`I, USA — 5 stars

I joined Kumu Lei’s halau 2 years ago. She is not only a beautiful and graceful dancer, but a great teacher as well. She teaches us Hawaiian culture, history, language and chant. Her passion towards the hula is such an inspiration.
Don’t miss this great opportunity to take her workshop.

Time: January 15, 2015 at 7:40 pm

Linda Silverberg, Kaua`i, HAWAI`I, USA — 5 stars

As a beginning student in hula on the beautiful island of Kauai, I feel blessed to have found such an excellent teacher as Kumu Lei. Besides the dance, she teaches us language, history, chant, and every aspect of Hawaiian culture she can think of. She is a wonderful mentor and I am loving every minute I get to spend with her. Do not miss this opportunity to participate in one of her workshops.

Time: January 14, 2015 at 10:15 pm

Jenny Brooks White, Kaua`i, HAWAI`I, USA — 5 stars

As a newbie with NO dance experience of any kind, I found Kumu Hula Leihi’ilani Kirkpatrick kind and encouraging. Her love of hula and culture comes through and makes the dance come to life. I only attended 2 days of the workshop, but wish I could have attended it all! Completely worth it. A great workout, A wonderful learning experience. I’d do it again in a second.

Pamela Puamelia Zurkow Pramuka, Kaua`i, HAWAI`I, USA — 5 stars

I’ve been dancing in Kumu Lei’s halau for 3 years and have learned so much. She’s a great teacher with impressive style and intricate choreography. We learn chant, culture, history and language as well… and we have a terrific time. Kumu Lei makes it fun, even though we work hard.

Marilyn Bradford, Kaua’i, HAWAI’I, USA — 5 stars

I have been a student of Kumu Lei for three years on Kaua’i, HI in the USA.  I give her a rating of 5 stars.
Kumu Lei is a graceful, beautiful dancer.  She is a patient teacher who encourages her students to do their best. She covers all aspects of hula in her classes:  the story a dance is telling (so we can dance it with understanding and feeling); Hawaiian history, culture and language; hula protocol and tradition; the geography, flora and fauna of the islands, especially Kaua’i; and she teaches us how to make our adornments, implements and other things used in hula and ancient Hawaiian life.

Kumu Lei makes it easy for our halau to become ohana.  Do attend her workshop if you can.  You will be inspired!
Time: January 10, 2015 at 5:45 pm