Namiko Takahashi Chan-Lee, SINGAPORE — 5 stars

Reviewer Namiko
Kumu Hula Leihi’ilani Kirkpatrick came to the island of Singapore in September 2014 to teach a week long workshop which culminated in a recital (hō’ike). It was a treat indeed ! Workshop participants not only had the joy of learning authentic Hawaiian hula from a master teacher with a distinguished lineage but we all also enjoyed the love (aloha) of the Hawaiian islands represented in Kumu Leihi’ilani. She is a patient and thoughtful teacher and her classes were filled with laughter and joy. She made even beginner students of hula relaxed and comfortable and she also challenged the more experienced students of hula to improve on their technique and artistry. I highly recommend attending Kumu Leihi’ilani’s workshops.
Her choreography is beautiful and elegant. Being taught by Kumu Lei is a real TREAT !!!


Michelle Amendola, Kaua’i, HAWAI’I, USA — 5 stars

Reviewer - Michelle Amendola
Attending any workshop held by Kumu Lei is a delight for both experienced and new hula students. Kumu Lei is always so graciously willing to share her vast knowledge of Hawaiian culture and dance and she has endless patience and understanding with regard to all her workshop students. Don’t miss this terrific opportunity to learn from one of the top naturally Hawaiian Kumu Hula from Kaua’i.

Kahanoa Floresca, San Diego, CALIFORNIA, USA — 5 stars

HE PUA LAHA ‘OLE…A FLOWER NOT COMMON. This ‘Olelo No’eau Hawai’i (Hawaiian Proverb) is used as an expression of one who is as choice and highly prized as a very rare blossom. Some people can come into your life unexpectedly and in a brief moment…you are forever changed. My Kumu Lei is one of those very rare people. Some Kumu Hula are great masters of dancing…some Kumu Hula are great masters of teaching…then there’s Kumu Lei who is a master of both. It goes without saying that she is both beautiful, inside and out. Ke Akua has truly been gracious to gift me with a kahua (mentor) who not only challenges and strengthens my skills as a dancer, teacher and leader, she challenges and strengthens me in my faith in Ke Akua and in my knowledge of His Word, in English and Hawaiian! My husband, Kupono, and I are both truly blessed she came into our lives and has truly inspired what we do for Ke Akua and for our Hula ‘Ohana of the halau, City of San Marcos and Hula Meet-up.